PRODUCTS Christmas trees in New York

Balsam Fir Christmas Trees


Table Tops to 15' Available

Known for its attractive shape and its sticky resin, the Balsam Fir is one of the three most popular Christmas trees of all time. Our signature BH Balsam Fir models nature's Abies balsamea right down to the detail of its dense needles (though we left out the sticky resin!).

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees


Table Tops to 15' Available

The Fraser fir is a species of fir 

native to the Appalachian Mountains of the Southeastern United States. Abies fraseri is closely related to balsam fir, of which it has occasionally been treated as a subspecies or a variety



Our Christmas Wreath are all handmade with premium grade balsam fir and fraser fir tips. Available from 10" to 60" rings and a larger variety of decorations.



Basket Centerpiece, Door Charm, Door Swag,Diamond Swag, Evergreen Bouquets, Noble Cross Deco, 

Kissing Balls,Classic Centerpiece, Deluxe Oval Centerpiece
Sleigh Centerpiece, Candy Cane Deco, Candle Ring Wreath
Deluxe Logs, Mixed Bunch

Grave Blankets


We have a very large selection of grave blankets and cemetery arrangements. Pillows, small, medium, large and extra large blankets. Mounds, crosses, trees, cones. At our Middle Village location

Tree Stands


We carry Quality Christmas tree stands only

The design philosophy of Cinco tree stands is one of functionality first. All of the Cinco models are made to display real, live Christmas trees securely and to keep them looking at their best for as long as possible.